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LinkedIn, a social network to be more worthy

There is a reason which links us and defines our importance in the world: to be more worthy.

Why do recruiting companies use LinkedIn?

LinkedIn has nowadays more than 150 million users in the planet, and it is the oldest social network as we know them.

The importance of the social networks in the interpersonal relations

The social networks have become quite important because they fulfill a crucial requirement of the interpersonal relations; they help us to keep continuous contact with those individuals who are relevant in our life: relatives, friends, partners or acquaintances; nowadays, the users of the social networks feel they are closer to the people they know than in the past, when these spaces did not exist.

Apple and Samsung, a war of business and technology

Without a doubt, the topic of the week has been the ruling of the court in which Samsung was obliged to pay a millionaire amount to Apple due to the violation of the patents. It was the amount of 1.05 billion dollars what Samsung had to pay, which according to a rumor in the news, in a very scornful way it fulfilled its obligation by sending 30 trucks carrying 5 cents coins to pay the fine. Start counting!

Social Media, a headache for many

For those who think that the best thing that can happen to them is to be on the social networks, just ask Enrique Peña Nieto how he felt when he was literally pushed into a restroom and what he had to put up with for two days on them. You just have to search in Facebook for the hundreds of pictures that were and are still around regarding this topic.

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